Inspiring and actionable, Dr. Patha Nandi delivers powerful keynotes on boosting organizational health and well-being.  Borrowing insights from his work as a TV host, bestselling author, and celebrated physician, Dr. Nandi helps fuel growth, performance, and sustainable success in organizations worldwide.  When leaders apply the same core principles that optimize human heath and performance, organizations soar.  Each keynote is a mix of warmth and humor, inspiring stories and practical tools, enriching principles and actionable take-aways.  Invite Dr. Nandi to elevate your next meeting or event, helping to take your audience and organization to the next level.



“On behalf of the American Cancer Society and myself I am honored to share that working with Dr. Partha Nandi, is a pure joy. When listening to him present to the community he shares his knowledge, provides a sense of credibility to the topic and is sincere in his delivery, so all members of the community can learn health tips, feel inspired and motivated to make health and cancer prevention a major priority. We enjoy working with Dr. Nandi and value his presentations and the good work he does in the community.”

Jennifer Nagy - Health Systems Manager, Hospitals American Cancer Society, Inc.


BOOSTING ORGANIZATIONAL HEALTH: How to fuel growth, performance, and sustainable success

In this energizing and actionable keynote, Dr. Nandi draws the connection between human and organizational health. Sharing rich stories of companies and leaders who have leveraged powerful principles to fuel massive results, the audiences learns inspiring and practical steps to boost their own organizational performance. Compelling stories of what to do - and avoid - from global brands such as CVS, Enron, Heineken, adidas, and Wegman's, Dr. Nandi delivers an clear roadmap on how to optimize results in these highly competitive times.

THE LEADERSHIP DOCTOR: The surprising truth how great leaders maximize team performance

The cliches of leadership have been rendered ineffective in these unprecedented times. Leaders today are overwhelmed with the rate of change, complexity, new technologies, and shifts in their workforce. Borrowed from the field of medicine, Dr. Nandi shares a new, and surprisingly simple model to improve leadership results. Leading teams in a similar manner that humans lead themselves to peak performance, audiences will enjoy a fast-paced, humorous, and energizing journey, while learning new strategies and tactics to deliver maximum results.

PREVENTING ORGANIZATIONAL DISEASE: A proactive approach to conquer complacency, decay, employee turnover, and bureaucracy

Disease claims the lives of too many people each year, as people fall victim to avoidable sickness. The same is true with organizations. Why did Toys R Us, Pan Am Airlines, and Circuit City meet an untimely demise, and what can we do to avoid such tragedy? In this thought-provoking keynote, Dr. Nandi explores the many factors of organizational disease and offers a powerful prescription to cure these ailments. Audience members will gain a fresh perspective on avoiding these treacherous traps, while learning proactive measures to keep their organizations - and careers - in optimal health.

HEALTH HERO: 5 Steps to longevity, well-being, and a joyful life

Beyond our careers, we all want to enjoy a long, healthy, happy life. But why do so many lives get cut short, overtaken by disease and discomfort? In this inspiring and practical keynote, Dr. Nandi shares best practices from both eastern and western medicine, and delivers a clear road map on how you can take charge of your health to optimize well-being and longevity. This powerful, yet surprisingly simple system, will help you live, work, and play better. This is a can't miss keynote that will forever change the way you look at wellness, while arming you with the tools you need to take your health game to the next level.

"Dr. Nandi added vitality and interest to our Detroit and New Jersey conferences and was inspiring both as keynote and MC. We look forward to his participation in other countries as well as future programs in the US."

Sanjay Sehgal, Heartfulness Institute



8. Warm and entertaining: You don’t host a TV show for 85 million people if you’re stale and boring.

7. The Dr. for your organization: Dr. Nandi artfully brings the principles of health and healing to your audience and company.

6. Fun and different: Dr. Nandi's energizing keynote is unlike any other, delivering fresh and unexpected tools to boost organizational health and performance.

5. Street Cred: Dr. Nandi's doesn’t just talk and write about health, he’s been an active, practicing physician for 25 years.

4. East meets West: A powerful blend of insights and ideas from traditional and non-traditional perspectives.

3. Service Obsessed: Dr. Nandi treats every engagement with the same professionalism and care that he’s used with his patients for 25 years

2. Powerful results: Dr. Nandi's proven approach to organizational health will fuel growth, performance, morale, and bottom-line results

1. Elevates Humanity: If people are healthy, companies and communities follow. Dr. Nandi's passion for elevating humanity will warm the hearts and minds of your audience in a profound and uplifting way.