The star of the award-winning TV show, Ask Dr. Nandi, which reaches over eighty-five million US households, empowers readers to become their own health hero in his bestselling book, Ask Dr. Nandi: 5 Steps to Becoming Your Own Health Hero for longevity, well-being, and a joyful life.

Dr. Partha Nandi delivers passionate, empathetic, and trusted health advice daily to over eighty-five million US households, is seen in ninety countries worldwide, and his Facebook videos have been watched by more than 1.5 million viewers. In a sound bite culture, Ask Dr. Nandi disrupts the status quo by engaging viewers with in depth discussions on the health and wellness topics that matter to their lives.

A health hero means being an advocate for yourself and your family, in sickness and in health. It’s about building the confidence to gain knowledge and use that knowledge to make tough decisions. In Ask Dr. Nandi, Dr. Nandi gives readers the necessary tools to become empowered and take ownership of his or her health choices. Whether

addressing bullying or prostate cancer, community and purpose or fitness and nutrition, Dr. Nandi tackles the tough questions, stimulates conversations, creates a new awareness of options and resources, and guides readers to confidently make the choices that are best for them.

“The 5 pillars come from the life-long study of Western and Eastern medicine, my patients and my own tribe and family. There are multiple sources of research that back up these pillars and how significantly they affect our lives. I use them in all areas of my life, from how I handle my own life to the lives of my patients and family. I want people to understand the power they have to take charge of their health and live their best lives. By choosing to prioritize nutrition, purpose, movement, mindfulness and our family and tribe, we take charge of our health and live our best lives. We become empowered to infuse our lives with better health and nourish our souls with more joy.”
— Dr. Partha Nandi




Having a sense of purpose is actually the motivation behind being driven in life. Anyone who has succeeded in any endeavor understands that without having a goal and a strong sense of purpose, that success would not have been possible. What’s more, a strong sense of purpose can actually extend our lifespan. Purpose gives us access to hope, resilience, and motivation.  The most successful organizations are purpose-driven, using a clearly articulated “north star” to guide daily decisions and behaviors.



Far beyond just foods and beverages, an organization expands or contracts by what it takes in.  Organizational nutrition comes in the form of education, shared experiences, capital, investors, training, and the voice of the customer.  Borrowing from the human body, we learn that by improving our nutrition, we boost organizational health.


Staying moving applies to both people and organizations.  Those who stand still not only lose physical qualities, but their minds, careers, and companies suffer as well.  Moving – both physically and metaphorically – is an important element to continued progress and sustainable success.


We’ve often heard that “learners are earners”, and this key principle reinforces the need for continuous learning and reinvention.  Changing the inputs drives better outputs, in both business and life.


Business is a team-sport, which is why organizational heath requires participation by each person in a company.  Building a shared set of goals and values helps connect the team to performing better, overcoming adversity, and savoring sustainable success.



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