What Is Corporate Wellness?

Corporate wellness includes the overall mental and physical health of employees within a corporation. It is in a company’s best interest to take part in the health and wellness of their employees so as to ensure a positive work environment and fill it with strong, happy, and reliable employees.

What Is A Wellness Program?

Many corporations implement a wellness program in order to encourage employees to constantly improve and care for their health. Wellness programs may include activities such as company-sponsored health and wellness seminars, tobacco-cessation programs and health screenings. Others promote 5ks, weight-loss competitions, and fitness or dieting challenges.

Wellness programs often involve financial incentives to employees as well, such as gift cards, gym pass reimbursements, and lower health-insurance premiums. Wellness programs may also offer other types of curriculum such as stress management seminars or workshops about financial stability, healthy cooking, or how to lead a balanced life. Even offering healthy options in the vending machines, cafeteria, and during meetings or company lunches are all part of the wellness program.

However, wellness programs are more than just activities and incentives. Corporate wellness has a lot to do with the quality of the workplace environment. Promoting mindfulness of workplace noise, healthy employee interaction, and regular and appropriate breaks are important when it comes to encouraging employee wellness. Many corporations provide an in-house workout room or a marked walking path to encourage physical activity. Others institute certain policies to promote safety and wellness such as requiring seat belt use in company vehicles or a no-smoking code.

Another important aspect to wellness programs within a corporation is a way to provide support to employees in difficult physical or emotional situations. Some companies will include employee assistance programs (EAPs) which give employees the opportunity to connect with an advisor confidentially and receive needed assistance. EAPs can offer help on issues such as difficult medical diagnosis, important life events, personal or work relationship issues, and emotional distress.

The Benefits Of A Wellness Program

It is easy to see the benefits that a properly instituted wellness program offers to each individual employee within a corporation. For example, employees are provided with a safe and positive work environment, health and wellness education, improved physical and mental health, and support for any mental or physical wellness issues. An increased sense of well-being can also contribute to lower health insurance premiums and decreased out-of-pocket medical expenditures.

In addition, there are also many benefits to the corporation as a whole. Because employees are more likely to maintain a healthy lifestyle, there is a decrease in sick days and leaves of absence, which can help in turn reduce operating costs and increase productivity. A more positive and wholesome work environment is also beneficial for productivity and positivity within the workplace, which can promote a higher quality and quantity of production...


Implementing a wellness program within a corporation is one of the best ways to promote corporate wellness and encourage employees to care for and improve their personal well-being. And since the employees are the building blocks of a company, this, in turn, improves the well-being of the entire corporation as a whole.